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The Need

Emotional resilience may be the greatest need in our culture today. The latest neuroscience has identified a strong link between joy and resilience. However, too many people live with a gap be-tween experiences of relational joy that sabotages their emotional resilience. We want to help people close that joy gap in three core areas:

  • The family. Traditional families are becoming increasingly rare. 1 in 8 children are born to a teen mother. 34% of kids live with an unmarried parent, up from 19% in 1980 and just 9% in 1960.
  • Individuals. In addition, the most commonly diagnosed disorders in the United States are related to fear and anxiety.
  • The workplace. More and more workplaces are described as toxic, predatory, or low-joy. According to Business Insider, 30 million workers think their workplace is toxic. 95% of nurses have reported feeling burnt out since the Pandemic hit. 56% of nurses quit their jobs within the first two years.


To help close this joy gap, Deeper Walk International is launching a new nonprofit called Joy Centers International. The mission of this organization is to bring Christ to the world through joy. At the heart of the mission is a transferable training program built on the books written by Dr. Marcus Warner, Dr. Jim Wilder, and Rev. Chris Coursey.


The Solution

How Joy Centers Work

A joy center serves as a hub for relational joy training. Our vision is to see churches around the world launch joy centers as a key element of evangelistic outreach in their communities. Imagine the impact of 1,000s of churches spreading joy in low-joy environments!

At the heart of this process is a transfer-able training system that offers coaching, classes, and group practice to equip people in the skills that lead to the core habits of joy-filled people and families.

This training will be based on the work of THRIVEtoday—an organization that has been training brain-based joy skills for over twenty years—and on the following books and the exercises found in them:

The Hobart Joy Center

Our flagship Joy Center is located in Hobart, IN. Over 5 million people live with-in an hour of this Chicagoland city. The Joy Center is housed in a 14,000-square-foot building located on 24 acres at a major intersection with over 30,000 cars per day passing the property.

This center is unique in that it will not only offer transferable joy training, but it will also house a community center and serve as a microchurch hub. The community center will provide people with access to services and programs that can help improve their quality of life.

These centers will promote events, programs, and business opportunities that bring people together and sustain the center. By partnering with groups that offer after-school training, chess clubs, tutoring for English learners, and more, the Hobart Joy Center will provide a safe space for people to connect and grow.

As people connect through the community center, those relationships will form a natural bridge to local churches and to a series of micro churches that will be built on Deeper Walk discipleship materials. The model of starting community centers that launch micro churches is on the cutting edge of the church planting movement.

The Timeline

Phase One: Build ($1.5M)


Goal: Launch Capital Campaign to fund start up costs for the Joy Center and other discipleship training efforts.

Plan: Lay the foundation needed to start strong.

  • Raise funds.
  • Hire staff.
  • Create/test programs.
  • Form partnerships.

Phase Two: Launch

Public Launch Summer 2024!

Goal: Launch Joy Centers International.

Plan: Open three core initiatives.

  1. Joy Training – Market our joy training to the public
  2. Community Center – Open The Joy Center in Hobart, featuring our initial collection of programs and courses.
  3. Microchurches – Host our new local church organized in partnership with the other local churches.

Phase Three: Multiply

Goal: Create a reproducible system of joy training and a model of how to use community centers to start microchurches.

You're Invited

The world is staggering from a lack of joy and low emotional resilience. Together, we can start a joy revolution that uses neuroscience and emotional resilience training to lead people to Christ.

Please consider helping us reach our Phase One goal of $1,500,000. You can make a pledge to contribute monthly, quarterly, or annually in 2024-2025. Or click the Give Now button to make a donation today.

For stock donations or if you would like to talk to Major Gifts Officer, Emily Reed, please  contact us using the form below and we’ll get back to you right away.

Help Us Make it a Reality

The Joy Center can only become a reality through generous partners, sponsors and volunteers.  If you’d like to know more, contact us below.


Thank you for your heart to join us in the Deepening Discipleship, Amplifying Joy Capital Campaign, to bring joy to the world through Christ!

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